Plaque at The Town House

When you visit Edinburgh, you will find a city steeped in history. In our home you will be living with it.

Once occupied by an inventor called David Theo Williamson, a renowned mechanical engineer who resided at 65 Gilmore Place for a period of 30 years as a child and then having inherited the property, as father of his own family. You may be unaware of the major impact that Theo has had on all our lives. The inventor of the first amplifier with no valves and the lightweight “pick-up” for record players, he brought music to our ears. In an industrial engineering capacity he worked for many years for Ferranti, gaining prominence through his development of the computerised lathe. In later years he achieved recognition for his development of computerised manufacturing techniques.

Theo’s father was responsible for making the house one of the first in Edinburgh to have electricity. A bit of the house’s history you no longer have to live with, it has like other services been replaced.